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March 17, 2006



I don't usually agree with your Best Buys, but this one is extremely excellent -- especially with the inclusion of the Burtynsky and Muniz. I'm sure we'll see copies sell at auction in a year (maybe yours?) for $5000. Are you buying more than one? I'm sure that annoying Artery guy in Boston (who sells on eBay) is going to buy a few.


This set will definitely sell fast. I've heard 8 out of 25 sets are taken already and Blind Spot still hasn't announced it yet. As for the individual photos, they will go up in price as Blind Spot will sell more prints. Reserve one or two prints or the whole set early. I recall the Burtynsky print was sold out in less than 2 weeks. Good luck!

Mike @ MAO

Erik!! Thanks for the post.. that is a great deal..
But, How do you find out about these things so early?? Do You bug the BlindSpot office or something?


Erik, is it highly recommendable to get the set of 5? I'm interested in Muniz and Burtynsky which I'm definitely getting. Not too fond of Barth and Starn.

By the way, there's a White Columns Portfolio of 4 letterpress prints (edition 100) from the Armory Show for $1,500. Artists are Richard Prince, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Jeremy Deller and Trisha Connely. Thus far, more than 85 sets are sold. Few more left, Here's link:


Let me know what you think.

Erik Schneider

Other than the price break, I don't think that there is any reason to get all 5 unless you like them all. I'm on the fence about the Starn piece, but I really like the other four so I'm going to get all of them.
Thanks for the white columns link. I'm looking for a good Richard Prince for my collection that isn't big $$$$.

to MAO...a new blogger, Steve Roach, sent me the info and I called the Blind Spot office. Here is the next thing to keep a look out for...the Thomas Demand edition that will be part of his show at Serpentine in London that opens June 6th.


Here'a another inexpensive print to acquire this month: Marilyn Minter's Shit-Kicker, 2006. It's a signed limited edition of 100 for $500. Check it out!



This probably goes without saying, but: If you're buying these prints for investment, don't forget that, with shipping, tax, consignment fees, etc., that you'd have to double the purchase price to just break even. So make sure you can afford to buy them for enjoyment of display, appreciation of the image and to show off for your friends, regardless of a market return. $500 and $1000 add up quickly. Sometimes it's cheaper to just cut out a page from a beautiful photography magazine!


They're tempting, I admit...but an 8'x 10" photograph always somehow looks like a page from a magazine. An anything in an edition of 100 is for collecting and displaying...not speculating. The reasons artists do editions is to make work available to a larger audience..or maybe do a good deed for a charity. I don't really understand the mad rush mentality for ephemeral work by name artists.


that artery guy here in boston sucks. he really exploits his 'customers' ignorance, but when again, so do most galleries.

alot of places will no longer sell to him! which is fucking awesome.

Blind Spot

Hi Erik, I finally sat down to look at your blog - really fantastic! To update, the first 25 sold out very quickly...but I started sending an email out today about our "subscriber sale"- the 5 prints + book for $1100 (plus $37 for a subscription if you don't already have one). The info is going out to our email list, and posted online. We decided to do another group price break to make the five more accessible. cheers, Sarah

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