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September 15, 2005



I'd like to see how Robert's defining "curator" and "artist" but there's no denying that curating is a creative process, as is criticism (but then that asks whether the critic is an artist, the reader, the viewer, the clueless, etc).

Clearly there are curator/artists and even artists whose "medium" is curation (yes, Bob says it's not a medium, so I'll put it in quotes).

Looking forward to his explanation, but in general I'd say it's gonna be a hard sell.


I think much of it depends on how a curator approaches a project. And I agree with Edward that curating is (or rather can be) a creative process, therefore I believe that there ARE artists among curators. But a curator isn't inherantly so.

It's an interesting question. Would've been nice to have asked the distinguised curatorial panel that came to town recently via Art Papers. Of course, would we have gotten an honest answer or would it be too presumptuous for a curator to declare 'I am an artist'?

I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming post to continue the discussion...


Are Curator's Artists?-No.
I did not read Storr's article about the above topic. Does everyone need to be an "artist" to be worthy? Good curators are very important to the art world at large. It is their creativity and insight that can illuminate and articulate the artist's vision through the selection and placement of their art work in a solo show or group show. Curators don't make or create art. Good curators educate by delivering more insight and depth to a body of artwork. The Kertesz exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in May of '05, curated by Sarah Greenough who is head of the photography there, comes to mind. What an expertly curated show! The photographs were exhibited in a time line from beginning to end with stylistic grouping as well and great text. I learned so much. Leave the curators alone and let them do their job. And no, good art "dealers" aren't artists either.

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