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July 02, 2005



With New Orleans' origin in France and Spain, it's no surprise that it feels entitled to culture and art and manages well in providing that.

12 years ago I worked at NOMA and Steven Maklansky was putting on great photo shows then. Wirth your interest in prints and drawings, Daniel Piersol is an aproachable and genuinely great man at NOMA.

Surprisingly enought, the Atomic Testing Museum has a gorgeous Harold Edgerton exhibition.

Baxter Jones

Go to the 4th floor of the Richard Meier building, and check out the installation of the folk art collection. Nellie Mae Rowe, Howard Finster, Thornton Dial, Mattie Lou O'Kelley, Lonnie Holley, Bill Traylor...it doesn't get more regional than that.

And I hear that in the contemporary art galleries, we're going to see work by local artists alongside the internationally known ones. So the above post strikes me as unfair.

Erik Schneider

Yeah, this post was a bit of a low blow; the High does a very good job of presenting work by Southern "outsider" artists. This round goes to you Baxter Jones. But no fair giving the High credit for what they are promising to do...I'll believe it when I see it.

Baxter Jones

Thanks. I hope you're looking forward to the November opening as much as I am. I have my criticisms of certain decisions the High has made, but overall I'm pretty optimistic about it. We'll see.

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