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June 12, 2005


Jennifer Cawley

Agreed. The work is most definately worthy of national & international recognition.

Most Atlanta artists have to make it elsewhere to get their due here...
I'd love a forum on the Atlanta art community and the idea of propelling an artists career just for the gain of a stronger art presence in the world.
Look at the Leipzig painters in Germany-that is a town of something like 40-60,000 people and they have many renowned painters - the latest star is Neo Rauch. ( see current issue of Art in America )

Let's get with it!

Jennifer Cawley

Baxter Jones

I agree Scott Ingram's work deserves a wider audience; I've liked it ever since I saw some of the wall sculptures at Saltworks a couple of years ago.
I'm sure this blog doesn't mean to suggest that the High should help Ingram BECAUSE he's a former employee. Now that I think of it, the evening I first saw Ingram's work at Saltworks was an event sponsored by the High's Contemporary Art Society. It brought several museum members to Saltworks for the first time. I guess that should count as the High supporting contemporary art in Atlanta. CAS, by the way, has a variety of programs each year - some formally part of the group's activities, others organized informally by e-mail - which often involve introducing HMA members to various aspects of the Atlanta art scene.


Wow. I was searching for a gallery of Scott's work and came across this. So I guess some people really do appreciate my UNCLE'S work.

So if anyone else reads this, please please take a look at his work, he really does deserve some recognition.

~Marie Ingram~

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