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January 20, 2005


Baxter Jones

I, too, miss the downtown branch of the High. It was only a few minutes walk from my office, so it was a favorite lunchtime place to visit. The quality of exhibits was consistently high, and the architecture (by Mack Scogin) was excellent. I understand Georgia Pacific wanted to use it as a day care center.
However, I do think photography will fare better in the new building than the above post recognizes. Photography is already on view in the Richard Meier building, on the 3rd and 4th floors, as part of American Art & Modern Art. Perhaps not enough, but it's there. And in the new Renzo Piano building, photography, in addition to being on the ground floor galleries of works on paper, will also be shown on the top floor as part of Contemporary Art, as it should be.
So, in addition to whatever temporary exhibits the new curator (who is coming here from the Getty) may curate, photography from the permanent collection will be shown on in various galleries on at least four different floors of the museum. Not too bad.
And perhaps more people will see the works at the midtown site than at the downtown galleries (which were, I'm sorry to say, usually sparsely attended).

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