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December 08, 2004


Baxter Jones

I just learned about this blog from Creative Loafing, so I just read this post. Is the writer not aware that perhaps the prime real estate in the High's expansion -the entire top floor of the Weiland Pavillion - will be for contemporary art? The new curator, Jeffrey Grove, would not have come to Atlanta if he had not thought the High was ready to make a significant committment to contemporary art. The museum has made some excellent recent acquisitions, ranging from works by Anselm Kiefer, Ellsworth Kelly, William Kentridge, and Chuck Close, to local artists such as Annette Cone-Skelton, Benjamin Jones, and Susan Cofer. And when the "dead artists" whose work is being aquired includes Tony Smith and Roy Lichtenstein, maybe the outlook for contemporary art at the High is rather good.
As for the Louvre project, it's great that Atlantans will get to see the quality of work that the Louvre offers those who live in Paris. Perhaps it will stimulate a taste for excellence in all forms of visual art. (I've never understood these people who like only "traditional" or only "contemporary" - what a narrow way to go through life!)And when it comes to European art before (let's say) 1850, obviously the great museum collections in this country were not built by collectors donating (or helping to acquire) art made during the collectors' lifetime. Rather, great patrons with names such as Morgan, Rockefeller, Mellon, etc. provided the funds for smart curators to buy with.

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