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October 24, 2006


alan pelz-sharpe

In terms of the sheer magnificent views of Yosemite you are right (also walk around the beaches of Carmel/Monterey area) - but the brilliance of Adams was not in conveying views of mountains.

Adams was a master (The Master) printmaker - if you have ever handled a copy of 'Moonlight over Hernandez' you will see a technical capability in the making of the negative, the print, and a clear and perceptive eye.

Adams is not an 'Artist' like Justin Kurland, or had an individual vision like Harry Callaghan or William Eggleston - be is equally great.

If we see Adams as the starting point, I think it fair to say that his love of technique was picked up and taken futher by the likes of Thomas Joshua Cooper and John Blakemore in the UK....

But I see your point, when I first walked a mile south of Carmel I remember thinking...I have seen this all before :-)


I understand what you are saying, but please consider that we are viewing Yosemite post-Ansel. What would we have been doing in Ansel's day? Venturing out to find perspectives on such a place with our cumbersome view camera? Maybe, but he definitely opened up a lot of eyes to a place they may have known nothing about. I'm not arguing that we should be trekking to Yosemite to repeat his act, BTW.

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