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March 24, 2006



You can tell these photographs are "Petermans" - a promising trait for any young photographer.

Really? Or is it a sign of artistic failure that the artist's career seems more interesting to you the viewer than the content? That trait is certainly promising in that it will surely act as grease to help him shimmy into the skintight whore's dress of the name-brand commodity artist if he decides to go that way, but why should we care? Why should his career be the primary lens through which we view the work? By the way, I'm taking you, not the artist, to task here. The artist presumably is just making pictures.

Honestly asking.

Right on!


I think that Cinque misses the point. There is more to an artist's development than trying to shimmy into the skintight whore's dress. In fact, Erik seems to be commenting on the difficulty that an emerging artist encounters trying to define their own voice. Though I am not a Peterman fan, I understand the point Erik is illustrating.


Well, no, I didn't miss the point. I just question whether that point should be the focus in discussing the work. It's funny also that Erik momentarily slips into that weird, gushy, Entertainment Weekly language that is the default writing style of boostery publications like Artnet. Erik is a *much* more insightful writer than this, which is why it's weird. I agree, it's thrilling when artists find their own voice. The difference between that and having a "recognizable syle," however, is like the difference between tiramisu and a twinkie.

Erik Schneider

What I saw in the Peterman show was an artist in development. Perhaps "recognizable style" was not the best term to use. Despite the fact that this is not a particularly strong body of work, it is clear that Peterman has a vision and is trying to make it a singular and expansive one. In this work, I see Peterman trying to break free of the "guy who takes pictures of icehouses" label while trying to maintain a link to that work stylistically.

Cinque Hater

Go blow yourself Cinque!

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