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February 18, 2006



I love Zoe's work....but I wrote her a note via her website about purchasing and received a loud silence in reply. Maybe the gallery thing has affected her?

Zoe  Strauss

Thanks for the shout out my friends!

Just putting out there that my laptop crashed and I lost at least 2 weeks of email...please resend any emails you have sent the last 2 weeks AND I'm super crazy busy with the Whitney and all so it might be a while before I get back to you.


Ellen Fleurov

Zoe Strauss may have "hit the big time" but is it on the merits of her work or her unusual marketing tactics?... she's entirely overrated and once she's had her 15 minutes, next year she'll be just a google footnote, along with so many other Whitney Biennial "finds" over the years.

If you want to see truly compelling, incisive photographs on the same South Philly neighborhood where Zoe Strauss works, then just look at Atlanta photographer Marilyn Suriani's years-long series on her hometown. It has everything that Strauss' work doesn't--controlled taut mastery of the medium, visual complexity, and intelligence, and revelations about the human comedy and this particular place.

p.s. I should disclose that Suriani is a friend but a photographer who I long respected before I ever knew her personally.

Ellen Fleurov

Zoe Strauss

Whoa, sour grapes!

Erik Schneider

no kidding.

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